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2. Manufacturing
Beyond the concept

Pattern making

While human bodies vary, the store-bought patterns only fit a small proportion of people well.

In our factories with advanced equipment, our professional pattern cutter and sewist adjust these patterns carefully to better fit our customers’ body shape. We invite real models to try on these patterns.

Also, we review these pattern strictly by three sides: design side, pattern cutting side and inspection side in order to make sure it’s on the right way. We are embracing the feelings and thoughts of all people.

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Excellent partnership

We have 128 suppliers around the world as our partner.

These multiple partnerships let us own excellent garment and fashion resources in order to deliver more high quality and varied products.

Also, we’re serious about making sure every single person in that supply chain is safe at work, respected and earns a living wage.


Green Planet

We aim at reducing the environmental footprint of the clothing industry.

By using water-based screen printing inks, we can offer a more eco-friendly lifestyle to our customers.

This printing method is also normally used on baby clothing.